They’re demos in the best sense: cavernous

And any time you get to go out there in full pads and practice and work on your craft, I think that’s really game day to me. Days like today are great because you get to go out there. You get to work. Los Angeles is coming off its first playoff berth since 2004 and was the NFL’s third ranked team in terms of defensive DVOA, a measure of efficiency. The Rams had 18 interceptions, which tied for sixth in the league, but cornerback Trumaine Johnson was seen as something of a weak point (Pro Football Focus ranks him as the league’s No. 68 cornerback).

After a three year new music hiatus brought on by touring with acts like Hovvdy and Lomelda, local artist Alex Peterson flips on the faucet. They’re demos in the best sense: cavernous, unpredictable, discovery oriented. The first volume glides through faint dispatches from another planet, prismatic instrumental serenity, and raucous noise fueled by the multi instrumentalist’s space shaping guitar.

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In The New Wilderness, Diane Cook unsettling but riveting debut novel, longlisted for this year Booker Prize, penthouses, lawns and swimming pools don exist any more because they take up too much precious space. Everybody is crammed into high rise blocks in the City. No one goes outside except to go from building to building.

Obradovich said those forecasts were only very rough estimates. “I don’t pretend to have any high degree of confidence what sleep will look like in 2099 or 2050,” he said. Air conditioning technology may, for instance, become more efficient or cheaper.

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