Shanahan’s team, nearly a decade since its last

That moment, I knew that I would apply (for the job), said Ray. Wasn sure that I would necessarily accept it, but I knew that I would throw my hat into the ring. Temptation to share the best practices that he has established at his beloved Granite Club is simply too attractive to resist..

Wearing a tan blazer and white shirt, Shanahan had been fired a day earlier after 14 seasons and two Super Bowl championships with the Denver Broncos. The man who had made the decision, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, called the move “historic” but necessary. Shanahan’s team, nearly a decade since its last championship, had been the picture of consistency and success until suddenly it wasn’t anymore.

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“Maryland fans can expect to see hunger, passion and effort from me every time I step foot on the court,” Smith said in a statement released by the school. “I’ll bring a positive influence and will represent the campus and community well. I can’t wait to experience the atmosphere at Maryland I’ve heard so much about.”.

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Crouch, a 6 foot 3, 230 pound “big old freak” his words could have played running back at any college in the country. After peering into the years ahead, the 18 year old decided he would play running back nowhere: He switched to linebacker. Crouch wants to rush the passer, because in the NFL, running backs get used up and sack artists get paid.

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