In an interview to CNBC TV18

It heartbreaking to hear that so many of them are not fully insured for the damage sustained by their insurance companies. On the other side, those individuals made a choice to not properly ensure the coverage they had (if any) was sufficient to cover home/autos for hail damage. I do have to agree with the provincial government in their decision to not cover hail damage for those without the appropriate coverage.

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Canada Goose online Other major health spends include $43.5 million for a secure mental health unit, $19.1 million for a new car park at Calvary Hospital and $1.6 million for another 15 beds at Calvary.One of the largest projects for which a specific cost has been given is the new Coombs Primary School, which will house about 720 students from preschool to year 6 when it opens in August 2016. Of the more than $47 million that has been set aside, $29.84 million is to be spent in 2014 15.This is only slightly less than the $54.1 million that has been allocated over the next two years for the construction of a new 30 cell special care centre and a 56 flexible accommodation cell block at the Alexander Maconochie Centre.This is not to play down the value of capital expenditure in health, transport and other infrastructure across all parts of the ACT as Mr Barr has indicated $122.7 million would be spent on more than 40 different construction projects in the 2014 15 financial year alone.The spending on these projects will jump to $160.4 million in 2015 16 and will be funded partly through borrowings, asset sales (asset recycling is the present euphemism) and normal revenue streams.Another big ticket item is the investment of $20.9 million for a “co located” ambulance and fire station at Aranda.Also significant is the $10.2 million to be spent on upgrading the spillway of the Isabella Weir on the Tuggeranong Creek to guarantee water quality and address flood safety issues.While the initial allocation of $1.5 million to the Australia Forum convention centre development is not a large amount, it is significant in that it will bring the project to investment ready status by June 2015. Provision has been made for a further $8 million to drive the project, which is intended to help boost the ACT economy.City to the Lake has also received a boost and $2.75 million has been set aside for design work to lower Parkes Way Canada Goose online.

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