Teams now use more “11 personnel” groupings on the

The certainty of New York lawmakers and periodicals aside, there’s no simple way to label what the players were doing. In interviews with eight labor lawyers and academics Thursday, one said “boycott” was the best description, and no one thought “wildcat strike” was accurate. The only consensus was that the players had done something unprecedented..

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But he is not the quarterback who got away. On the other hand, he is also not the contractual bullet that Washington dodged. He’s the same eye of the beholder guy he has always been, and his ups and downs have continued with the Vikings. Part of the reason is ironic. The pass first mentality shaping modern NFL playcalling is, in one way, limiting their value. Teams now use more “11 personnel” groupings on the field, meaning one running back and one tight end.

Perhaps the biggest of many issues Sunday night for the Bengals was failing to stop a Patriots’ running game that generated 220 rushing yards. Now it’s the Bengals’ turn to try to generate a bounce back performance after being the final NFL team to suffer a loss this season. Beating the Panthers at home this weekend becomes important given that the following two games are against the Colts and Ravens..

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