5 million) to sign a younger player that should slide

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nba cheap jerseys That’s how free agency works.Bradberry was widely considered one of the top cornerbacks to hit the open market behind Byron Jones, the Cowboys cornerback the Giants had some interest in.Ultimately, the Giants paid a little bit less than they would’ve with Jones (who reportedly signed for five years, $82.5 million) to sign a younger player that should slide right in and start as the Giants’ No. 1 cornerback, filling a major need.Bradberry didn’t have his best season in 2019, allowing more than 600 receiving yards, per Pro Football Focus, and finishing with a grade in the middle of the pack in terms of overall grade (52nd out of 83 that played 50% of the snaps). Still, he had a career best three interceptions last season, only allowed two touchdowns in coverage and has managed at least 10 pass breakups in every year of his career.Last season, Bradberry matched up with every team’s No. nba cheap jerseys

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