On the other hand, the Caps are a respectable 9 6 3

Keep winning, Pederson said. Keep putting ourselves in a position to be successful. You never know. On the other hand, the Caps are a respectable 9 6 3 against the top eight teams in the East. More importantly, the Caps have recently shown the discipline and desire to play proper defense, evidenced by their ascension to ninth in goals allowed per game and third in PK percentage. The young goaltending duo has played well, quieting the needless cry to upgrade the goaltending.

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Yet what might have made Souder the saddest was being away from the game she loved, and she met each suggestion to slow down or give up the sport with fierce stubbornness. Her mother knew Souder was paying her own way through college and felt she couldn’t tell her daughter what to do. Team doctors had cautioned her and helped her find neurologists and concussion specialists to work with, but Souder’s relentless desire to play always won out..

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