That he done this as he about to turn 37 is almost

That he done this at all is remarkable. That he done this as he about to turn 37 is almost incomprehensible. But here he is, again poised to claim his place among the world top sprinters eight years after a bronze medal turn at the London Olympics seemingly closed the book on his swimming career..

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ESPN broadcaster and former soccer star Julie Foudy, left, poses with longtime Kiwanis Club member and RayKeyes Salute to LittleLeague Baseball organizer JohnTroisi, center, and Williamsport KiwanisClub president elect Anna Thompson on Thursday at theGenetti Hotel. Foudy spoke to those in attendance. She is a two time Women’s World Cup champion and two time Olympic gold medalist.Julie Foudy mentioned how she covered Women World Cup games, the Olympic Games and even the Special Olympics.

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