In a league that devalues running backs

Marlon is all over the field. He’s physical. He’s running to the ball. He was on the drug seven months when his doctor told him it was OK to stop taking the pills on April 22. At that point, Alec was happy, Lydia recalled. Said it was the best time of his life.

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The Washington Redskins’ quarter century long slide back to.500 is complete. Sunday’s 47 16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys capped a 3 13 campaign and dropped Washington’s all time regular season record to 603 603 28 over 88 years. It is the first time the franchise hasn’t been above.500 since the end of the 1975 season..

Fox’s “America’s Game of the Week” package remains the most watched, highest rated national NFL window, averaging 27 million viewers and a 14.7 household rating. CBS closed out its coast to coast regular season showcase with an average draw of 23 million viewers and a 12.8 rating, and NBC will finish third on the year (but first among all prime time shows) with 20.2 million viewers and an 11.4 rating. Ratings for ESPN’s penultimate “Monday Night Football” telecast are not currently available, but through the first 14 weeks of the season, the cable network’s NFL package is averaging 10.9 million viewers and a 6.6 household rating, down 15% and 19%, respectively, compared to its year ago 12.8 million viewers and 8.1 rating.

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Other teams passed up opportunities to put eventual successors in place behind veteran starters. The New York Giants could have gone with Darnold, Allen or Rosen with the No. 2 overall selection. But a lot of the time [stoned talk] wasn’t even about football.

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