HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL produces knives for the value

Measure out half a cup of walnuts. Toast them in a skillet turned to medium heat until they are a little darker and start to give off a more intense nutty aroma. This should only take a few minutes. Currently, the applicable surcharge for foreign companies is 2 per cent if the total income of the foreign company is between Rs 1 crore and Rs 10 crore and 5 per cent if it is above Rs 10 crore. Where the FPI is organised as foreign company, and where its income is taxed under the tax rates prescribed by the IT Act, there would be no change in taxation of the FPI’s income from India under the new provisions of the bill. However, where the FPI is organised as a trust and is assessed to tax in India either as an AOP or an artificial juridical person, the surcharge rate applicable to the income of such FPIs would be increased either by 25 per cent or 37 per cent depending upon the taxable Indian income of the FPI.

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